Choosing a fall

With summer's fade to fall, weddings amongst the golden leaves are officially on the horizon. And with that comes rows of candles, woven blankets, mugs of cider, and a million other details that speak to this cozy time of year.

Still deciding if a fall wedding is for you? We're about to count down plenty of reasons that'll easily sway your decision.

Work team

Bridal Attire Consultant

Offers a wide range of services including personal shopping


Offers a complimentary floral consultation for any of your wedding or special event needs.

Makeup Artist

She’ll give you the most beautiful version of you.


Captures emotionally powerful images that show the love and happiness.

Why choose us

Weddings are very stressful to organise. Not only do you have to sort all of the logistics, you have to get creative, find suppliers for all of those impossible things to find. The bigger the wedding, the more there seems to be to do.

We will do absolutely everything you want. We find venues, caterers, design themes, take care of every minute things that does matter most, manage event timeline– anything! We make sure the day runs smoothly, we make sure the run up to your wedding is relaxing and enjoyable.